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Resume Tips for IT/Telecom Professionals

Experience :
xx.yy years of experience in areas of your expertise using the areas of tools you know in area of your application/industry domain.

Technical Summary :

Details of your technical summary with quantitative (# of months of experience) list of your skills in tools, system, application and industry. Bulletized list for each item.
Hardware Platforms :
List h/w platforms High - end to low - end in order of expertise (avoid PCs).

Operating Environment :
List o/s High - end to low in order of expertise.

RDBMS/Packages :
List of software known in order of expertise. Include version # s, tools, etc.

Computer Language :
List in order of expertise with version # s.

Education :
List degrees in reverse chronological order with year of completion.

Project Details :
NOTES : For detailed project description, the following guidelines should be used :
1. List each project you have worked on in reverse chronological order (latest first).
2. Avoid education related projects. If included, indicate so clearly.
3. There should not be any time gap between projects. However, if there are, explain clearly.

Client : Client Name
Project Size : Duration in person months.
Team Size : Average Team strength
Duration : From mm'yyyy to mm'yyyy :
From mm'yyyy to mm'yyyy
Hardware Platform : Hardware system used.

Software Tools :
List of software tools (o/s, RDBMS, CASE & other tools, etc) used.

Scope :
Brief description of the project. Avoid obvious description of application. Describe its unique features, size of client base, success it achieved for customers, etc.

Responsibilities :
Your specific responsibilities during the project describe the role you played, what contribution YOU made and how it was effective and success. Describe quantitative (# of lines written, # of forms/reports developed, etc) contribution and tools used. Avoid the use of generic and non-descript words like involved, participated, worked, etc. Limit the description to activities you personally undertook.